The First-line Supervisor and Safe Work Behaviour

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This practical book describes the role of the first-line supervisor in the advancement of safe behaviour at work.
Auteur: Juni Daalmans
ISBN: 9789491764394
Pagina’s: 132
Druk: 1e (2019)


The first-line supervisor and safe work behaviour is an English translation of Daalmans` book De eerstelijns leidinggevende en veilig werkgedrag. The English translation was done to meet the demand from Dutch companies (for their foreign employees) and also because of international interest. The fact is, the concept of Brain Based Safety which the author has developed is enjoying increasing interest abroad. This method translates recent knowledge of the brain into the encouragement of safe behaviour within organisations.

As the link between the work floor and management, the first-line supervisor – of all parties – is the one who has the most influence on the behaviour of employees.
His or her influence is described in the form of seven competencies, using a case which has been written on the basis of facts. You can best compare these seven competencies with dials, which you as a first-line supervisor can `turn` to influence an employee`s behaviour.
From accident analyses, it appears that the most gain in the area of safe working can be achieved by strengthening safe behaviour.
To do this, the author uses the Brain Based Safety method, which he has developed.

  1. Prioritising the organisation
  2. Following the leader
  3. Being aware of risks
  4. Following rules (or not)
  5. Behaving like the group
  6. Being ready
  7. Organising circumstances
  1. Behaviour and risk
  2. Competencies of safe behaviour
  3. Prioritising
  4. Role-model behaviour
  5. Risk awareness
  6. Regulation
  7. Social safety
  8. Readiness
  9. Organising
  10. Summary of the seven competencies
  11. Glossary

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