Practical Radiation Protection

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This revised, fifth edition of Practical Radiation Protection provides insight into the hazards of applying ionising radiation and the practical methods to control these hazards. The book is a translation of the ninth edition of Praktische Stralingshygiëne (2022), with some corrections to the Dutch text.

ISBN: 9789491764592
Pagina’s: 274
Druk: 5e (2024)


About the book

The book is intended for anyone who works with open sources, sealed sources or X-ray equipment.

It is aimed at radiation protection officers (RPOs) working with:

– industrial radiography equipment

– measurement and control applications

– dispersible radioactive substances at C and D level

– medical applications.

It fulfils the course requirements for the RPOs in these sectors, as laid down in Appendix 5.2 Part A of the Regulations on basic safety standards for radiation protection.

In addition the book may be used for:

– radiation workers in these settings

– radiation protection experts

– anyone with an interest in this issue (managers, policy makers, journalists, etc.).

New to the fifth English edition is that – in addition to the basic knowledge – in-depth paragraphs have been included; these are not part of the course requirements. An extensive literature list has also been added. The book is now entirely in full colour.

This book is a translation of the Dutch publication Praktische stralingshygiëne, ISBN 9789491764523


  1. Structure of the atom and decay
  2. Definition and overview of applications
  3. Interaction of radiation with matter and shielding of radiation
  4. Quantities and units in radiation protection
  5. Radiation detection
  6. Biological effects and risks of radiation
  7. Regulations and ethics
  8. Dosimetry in practice
  9. Industrial radiography and measurement and control applications
  10. Safety measures for open sources
  11. Radiation protection in medical applications


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